A word from Kirsten

After 22 years competing in the sport of triathlon, I'm really looking forward to sharing my experience with others. A curious athlete with a deep passion for the sport and desire to learn, I asked questions my entire career. This has resulted in a wealth of knowledge in both training programming as well as nutrition and dealing with injury.

I have gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to physical training but I also enjoy the challenge of coaching the mental side of training and racing which is where I think I could set myself apart as a coach. I have experienced it all as an athlete and can relate to the physical and mental feelings experienced in training and racing.

The joy of helping someone reach their goals and helping them to shift their perspective and attitude along the way is something I cherish. I aspire to connect with and guide those who have goals in the sport of triathlon. Whether the goal is to simply have fun or to become professional and anything in between!

Kirsten Sweetland

the process

train for results

Sport/Life Balance

Life gets hectic. Finding the right balance between work and play can be tough. We’ll work together to find the ideal balance for you!

Mental Training

Endurance sport is very physiologically demanding, but a strong mental state can show massive improvements in performance and daily successes in training. Let me share my tips for a winning mindset!

Keep It Simple

Focus on what is truly important. There is lots of opportunity to get lost in the 1%ers in sport but focussing your energy on the main pillars is the most efficient way to spend your valuable time and energy

Quality Communication is the Key to Consistency and Injury Prevention

Using TrainingPeaks software, every session is optimized, logged and reviewed to give us all the information needed to produce your best performance.

“Kirsten is able to update and tweak every aspect of my training plan and workout results through TrainingPeaks. She reviews my data on a daily basis and knows how to optimize my routine to get the best results- multiple personal bests already this season!”





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